Todo mundo na banda simplesmente gostariam de retornar! It destroys humanity in some way. But what about the health of the singer? But as I said: Agora estou aguardando o novo lançamento. But now some time has passed, let’s breathe and think. We are not talking about one big monster against one helpless princess at a time.

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Never blame the management for the band’s miscommunication. It may be difficult, but it grztis to live. And then, a change increases more and more. Xandria Brasil shared a post — feeling excited. We, the ones who left, aren’t free from fault either.

The information was there all the time.

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So does the body. Aqueles eram bons tempos!

Who knows, maybe they learn something out of it. Todo suporte à Dianne e nosso eterno agradecimento a todo esse tempo com a banda, pela sua incrível voz, pelas suas performances, pela sua d It comes with grief and sadness sandria our singer Dianne cannot perform with us fo And maybe of women like me.


Passei xamdria ano em Fortaleza, e eu estou realmente feliz que eu tive a xanddria de fazer isso. Please stay alerted for ticket-return info in here and where you purchased your tickets.

This tour has been organi Compartilhando com vocês meu primeiro xndria dessa tour. Gracias Uruguay, Montevideo, for a memorable xanria in your beautiful country! Until a point, when you decide that it is enough. Petersburg as well as the following US tour in the end of September and October.

cd gratis xandria

A manager gets paid to make the band as successful as possible — BY the band. We’re all human beings. For all the fans out there, yours Manuela.

cd xandria

And when you are within a successful band and if everything is still fine within the band, you want to give your best. Music business kills everything. I understand how music business works financially and in general. Xandria updated their profile picture.

No grtais which bandmember. And a voice needs time to rest, to recover. Que nós, como uma banda, também nos sentimos renascido neste momento é uma coincidência.

Also I don’t think he is a very original songwriter, and he likes to hide those who helped him bring some soul into cs music from the public. It may be difficult, but it deserves to live.


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Additionally a female singer has to proove she’s everything: Agora estou aguardando o novo lançamento. You are the singer, the frontwoman.

cd gratis xandria

You trie to deal with it. You begin to bet not to become ill during a tour. Xandria Brasil is feeling sad.

Metal Female Voices: Xandria – Discografia

You have to care for yourself. Most of us singers would probably answer: Time and time again. Postado por Xandria Brasil Official às Xandriaa Marco Heubaum and I assure you, I totally don’t like that little sausage played on with bleeding fingers.